Trans Mongolian Expedition

Transmongol Expedition

Novosibirsk - Gorny Altai - Ulan Bator - Vladivostok

The snow has come down. The roads are dry. The grass is green. Why sit at home? Must go. The only question is where and why?

  • - To the cottage? Uninteresting.
  • - At sea? Already were.
  • - To the next town? Tempting, but predictable.


Then where?

And let's go with us, to Mongolia - the country of the descendants of Genghis Khan where:

  • - deserts occupy 40% of the area,
  • - mountains rise to the skies,
  • - in the morning the sun illuminates the flowering steppe,
  • - at night the sky opens wide with stars,
  • - urga is a territory of love,
  • - yurts hospitably open the canopy.
  • - herds of wild horses fly racing with the wind,
  • - the snow leopard is a symbol of pride and independence.


Where every day the path is unpredictable, like the movement of elementary particles, and guarantees new sensations!

What will happen?

Good company, spending the night under the open sky, long journeys along different roads, beautiful landscapes and unforgettable meetings.

How will it be?
Different. With laughter and five-story paradigms. Through the sands and mountain passes. With a three-day binge and hauls sober.

Where will it be?

In the unofficial capital of Siberia, and in the Altai Mountains. In the steppes of Mongolia and the Baikal-Siberian Highway. In Primorye and on the ocean. In a warm hunting lodge and in a yurt. With hospitable self-racers of Vladivostok and staunch sober-drinkers of Buryatia.

Trans-Mongolian expedition is a real chance to hapanut HYIP with a full barrel (honey will be, but not in abundance), to see and feel the whole range of life of indigenous nomads, try to drive through the total impassability and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding world.

The blue mountains of Altai, the yellow and black sands of the Gobi desert, the breath of the dusty wind and the cemetery of horned dinosaurs, mixed forests and fast rivers, the sound of the surf and the smell of mowed grass can all be touched, felt, assessed in taste and color and absorbed in yourself.

What will it be?

Suddenly. Risky. Life-affirming.

  • - 26 days on the way
  • - 8000 km
  • - 20 cities


What else?

And baths, koumiss, camels, moonshine and kebabs. As much as you want, and how many we find.

What will it be?

A bunch of photos, a diverse landscape and drive.

Trans-Mongolian expedition - for those who are not afraid to test their strength!

Price from 5000 USD








Stages of travel

First Stage

Novosibirsk - Mountain Altai

What to see?

  • - Belokurikha, Blue Mountains, waterfalls, rocks Four brothers, snow-capped peaks, Chui path.
  • - Roerich Museum, Shukshina, Ten-handle.
  • - Lots of rivers and lakes, small Altai villages and modern cities.

& nbsp;

Stops in Barnaul, Biysk, Gorno-Altaisk.

Let's try:

  • - Cacho barley soup,
  • - kaymak,
  • - Kahn's blood sausage,
  • - Arachku, Chegen, Altai tea
  • - the famous Altai honey.



  • - swim in the Katun (or try a swim)
  • - climb the mountain "Tugaya",
  • - evaluate the mineral water of Belokurikha.


What to expect?

  • - Difficulties - almost the entire route is laid on dirt roads;
  • - Enlightenment (they say that the mountains of Altai contribute to this);
  • - Variety of terrain and clean air.


Second Stage


What to see?

Steppe, desert, again the steppe, a little more desert, mountains, sheer off-road, animals, again the desert and the cemetery of dinosaurs.

Let's try:

  • - Pose (Mongolian manti) and hushur,
  • - Kurt cheesecake and urum cream,
  • - Milk brew and sutey tsai ...


Fans of exotic cuisine will be able to taste the butter from the milk of marinated and stewed marmots. If you really want to.

  • - See the monument to Genghis Khan,
  • - Visit the temple of Ulan Bator and the palace of the last ruler of Bogd Khan,
  • - Watch the landscape change and find yourself in a country of ancient volcanoes,
  • - Spend the night in yurts and touch the ancient shrines of Demchigiyin Hyde.


What to expect?

Unusual experiences and full immersion in the life of ancient nomads, extreme temperatures and fantastic views of nature.

Third part

Chita - Blagoveshchensk - Khabarovsk

What to see?

Green forests and wide rivers, nature reserves and high mountains, new cities and small settlements, the Baikal-Amur Highway and the Road of Bones.

Let's try:

  • - Fish pies and smoked omul,

  • - Cabbage rolls and meat in the taiga.

  • - Geese with mushroom sauce and okroshka,

  • - Pancakes with strawberry jam and pine nuts in honey.


We can:

  • - Make Iron Butt Russia Standard

  • - enter the Free Space Center

  • - see China


What to expect?

Comfortable road, peace and tranquility.

Fourth Part

Vladivostok - Primorye

What to see?

  • - Russian San Francisco,
  • - Pacific Ocean,
  • - Merchant ships and passenger liners,
  • - Aquarium and the Red Pennant Guard Ship,
  • - The Triumphal Arch of Tsarevich Nicholas and the Military Historical Museum.

& nbsp;

Let's try:

  • - Fresh oysters and crabs,
  • - Trepangs and clams,
  • - Scallops and fresh caviar,
  • - Red fish dumplings and salted fern.



  • - Take a dip in the Pacific Ocean,
  • - Take a trip to the real Russian bootleggers and get drunk,
  • - Eat kebabs, sing songs, sit in silence
  • - Drive to the southern border of China.
  • - Spend the night in a tent.
  • - Master the art of catching crabs.


What to expect?

The joys of unexpected encounters, boat trips, gastronomic discoveries and seaside hospitality.

What you need to know

Included in the tour price

Placing 3-4 * B \ B, in remote areas checked guesthouses.

Roadmap with GPS coordinates on

Accompanying guides on a motorcycle.

On the part of the route escort car.

Local guides and excursions.

Not included in the tour price.

Motorcycle rental

Visa processing



Motorcycle transportation

Motorcycle service

But we are ready to help with the solution of these issues.

Motorcycles, equipment, useful information

Motorcycle for a trip - tourist enduro BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin and any motorcycles of this class.

The experience of riding a motorcycle and readiness for difficult road conditions (rain, temperature changes, lack of road surface)

Full touring equipment with protection.

Availability of space for luggage.


Motorcycle rental


We provide motorcycles for rent. The model range GS 2017. Under the terms and cost of the rental specify by phone or e-mail.

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