Trans-Asian Expedition



Summer. Special time of year. Unpredictable. Roast - sometimes stuffy - most often, alluring - here without options!


  • - tired of urban landscapes,
  • - moto festivals,
  • - I want to breathe hot air of highways,
  • - dream of seeing new cities,
  • - you need to expand your horizons
  • - or you just need to change the situation

means the Trans-Asian expedition Moscow-Pamir-Novosibirsk is what you need!

What will happen?

Communication, hundreds of kilometers of roads, ancient cities, new faces, dirt roads and roads rolled up in the asphalt, mountains, rivers, fields, deserts and steppes ...

How will it be?

Fun, hard, relaxing, inspiring.

Where will it be?

In Moscow and in Volgograd, in Astrakhan and in Bukhara, in Samarkand and in Bishkek, in Dushanbe and in Novosibirsk, in Astana and in Khiva.

Aral, Issykul, Volga, Balkhash - this can be not only seen, but also touched, walked, splash, catch fish and meet the morning dawn.

Pamir and small forest, Central Russian plains and the Urals, Siberian taiga and Kazakh steppes - a variety of landscapes and vivid impressions are guaranteed.

The transport arteries of the ancient past and the present Great Silk Road and Transsib

What will it be?

What do you think?

  • - 28 days on the way,
  • - 8500 km of roads,
  • - 50 cities ...


Tasty beer, national cuisine, hospitable people ...

And it will be too! And a lot!


The Trans-Asian Expedition Moscow-Pamir-Novosibirsk - for strong-minded men.

Let's go!

Price from 5000 USD for single occupancy

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Stages of travel

1st Stage

Central and South Russia.



  • - Central Russian plains and forests, flowering fields and edges, rivers and lakes.
  • - Museums: Airborne Forces, Russian Fleet, Mamaev Kurgan, Motherland Statue.
  • - Modern architecture and ancient settlements.
  • - Places of military glory and flowering gardens.

Stops in the cities of Voronezh, Volgograd, Astrakhan.

Let's try:

  • - local craft beer,
  • - red and black caviar,
  • - high fish cuisine and
  • - original meat delicacies.



  • - Plunge into the Volga
  • - Chat with new people,
  • - Learn how to prepare heh - fish pickled in wine vinegar and how to catch sturgeon correctly.


What to expect?

Only good impressions and comfortable roads. We will move in a measured, calm, stopping where it is interesting and fun.

2nd stage

Kazakh steppes and the Aral Sea


  • - Deserted Kazakh steppes and deserts

  • - Authentic flora and fauna,

  • - Minarets and modern buildings,

  • - The bottom of the Aral Sea and the red Martian landscapes.

Stops in the city of Atyrau, the village of Beyneu and the Aral Sea coast.

Let's try:

  • - Kumis,

  • - Horse meat dishes,

  • - Bursaki and Irimshak.


We can:

  • - Ride a camel,

  • - Visit abandoned settlements,

  • - See the vastness of the desert,

  • - Understand the fragility of life.


What to expect?

Hundreds of kilometers of the hardest route, extreme forced marches, shocks and impressions.

3rd Stage

Ancient Central Asia



  • - The magnificent architecture of ancient Asia,

  • - Yellow deserts and green oases,

  • - Museums and Botanical Garden.

Stops in the cities of Khiva, Bukhara, Samarkand, Dushanbe.

Let's try:

  • - All 100 types of pilaf,

  • - Samsu and Kabobs,

  • - Green noodles,

  • - Halvah and sherbet,

  • - Fresh and dried fruits,

  • - Original black and green tea.


We can:

  • - Walk along the roads that Alexander the Great has trod on,

  • - See cities that are over 2000 years old,

  • - Learn how to cook Bukhara pilaf.


What to expect?

Vivid impressions and culinary discoveries, unique landscapes, the warmth of the hospitality of the Uzbeks and Turkmen.

4th stage


Mountain trails and dirt roads.



  • - Mountain ranges and plains,

  • - Serpentine passes,

  • - Snow-covered peaks and sunrises in the mountains.

Stops in the village of Khorog and Taldyk passes, Kyzyr-Art and Akbaital.

Let's try:

Overnight nights in extreme conditions, cuisine and drinks of local residents, sometimes a complete lack of civilization.

We can:

  • - Overcome passes at an altitude of 4500 m above sea level,

  • - Spend the night in the homes of local residents or yurts,

  • - Feel sharp temperature drops,

  • - Play snowballs,

  • - Drive mountain rivers ford.


What to expect?

  • - Difficulties

  • - Difficulties

  • - Difficulties!


Pride from the fact that all behind.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan



  • - Yellowish steppes of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan,

  • - Blue Lake Balkhash,

  • - The magnificence of the new capital of Kazakhstan.

Stops in the cities of Balkhash, Karaganda, Astana

Let's try:

  • - Manty,

  • - Oromo,

  • - Beshbarmak,

  • - Sorpa and Kurt.


We can:

  • - Assess the scope of builders in Astana,

  • - Swim in a unique lake Balkhash - salty and fresh at the same time,

  • - Put feelings and thoughts in order.


What to expect?

Dramatic changes in landscapes and sensations, bright sun, deserted roads.

6th stage




  • - Deciduous forests and taiga,

  • - Greening Fields,

  • - Rivers and lakes.

Stops in the cities of Omsk and Novosibirsk

Let's try:

  • - Siberian dumplings and pancakes,

  • - Soap and porridge,

  • - Autistic vodka and berry liqueurs,

  • - Original meat and fish dishes.


We can:

  • - Visit Bird Harbor,

  • - Swim in the Ob,

  • - Call at Akadem-Gorod.


What to expect?

The joy of meeting with Siberian bikers, noisy parties, walks in local museums.

And then what?

And then we put ourselves in order, pack our things, exchange impressions and opinions and return home.

And then we are going again and go to another trip.

For the new drive and adrenaline.

What you need to know

Included in the tour price

Placing 3-4 * B \ B, in remote areas checked guesthouses.

Roadmap with GPS coordinates on

Accompanying guides on a motorcycle.

On the part of the route escort car.

Local guides and excursions.

Not included in the tour price.

Motorcycle rental

Visa processing



Motorcycle transportation

Motorcycle service

But we are ready to help with the solution of these issues.

Motorcycles, equipment, useful information

Motorcycle for a trip - tourist enduro BMW GS, Honda Africa Twin and any motorcycles of this class.

The experience of riding a motorcycle and readiness for difficult road conditions (rain, temperature changes, lack of road surface)

Full touring equipment with protection.

Availability of space for luggage.

Motorcycle rental


We provide motorcycles for rent. The model range GS 2017. Under the terms and cost of the rental specify by phone or e-mail.

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