In the footsteps of Dracula

Mileage 5100 km in 6 days. 4 countries.

Maximum height of 2010 meters

Day One


700 km

According to the plan, the start was scheduled for 10 o'clock in the morning, but at Serega a joint was pulled out at work, so we remembered Roma and moved only at 16 o'clock. We did not go far because on the Ring Road we found a pouring rain. 30 minutes waited until it ends, discussing what we would do with the culprit. We got to Kiev without incident and it makes no sense to describe this route. On m, even the traffic cops met the camera only once and did not even stop it, but simply shook their fists.

Day Two

Hotel Salute in Kiev - Bar Vinnytsia region - New Ushitsa - Khotynska fortetsiya - Chernivtsi - Vatra Domei (Romania).

Distance 700 km.

We left Kiev at 9 am, we decided to have breakfast on the way. The first stop was scheduled in Bar. They moved towards Khotyn. We drove through Novaya Ushitsa - this is a mini serpentine with a dead coating on the middle Ukrainian hill. Finally, already at sunset, they reached the Fortress of Khotyn.

Khotyn fortress (Ukrainian. Hotinska fortetsya; Rum. Cetatea Hotinului) - fortress X — XVIII centuries, located in the town of Khotyn, Ukraine. In Khotyn Fortress many popular feature films were shot: The Viper, Zakhar Berkut, The Ballad of the Valiant Knight Ivanhoe, Three Musketeers, Black Arrow, Taras Bulba. At the top point, get stuffed with souvenirs, ate dumplings and set off for the descent.

Dinner, a couple of beers and the discussion of tomorrow.

Day Three

Vatra Domei - Transfagarasan - Ramnicu Valsea

Approximately 460 km of buzz.

Transfagaras Highway (Sometimes used: Transfagarasan, Transfagarasan, Rum. Transfăgărăşan, DN7C) - mountain highway in the Carpathians,

connecting the Romanian region of Wallachia and Transylvania and passing through the Fagaras mountain range. Driving along the Transfagaras highway is possible only during the time intervals from 7:00 to 21:00. The highway was built in 1970-1974 by order of Nicolae Ceausescu for military needs. and the fortress of Poenari (rum. Poienari), also known as the residence of Vlad Dracula. In 2009, Top Gear was driving their sports cars on this road, and Jeremy Clarkson called it the best for riding sports cars.

Very long gathered with the spirit. When I watched a video about this pass on youtube, licked, groomed, retouched ... I was very afraid that the whole trip would be reduced to some kind of banality. Of course, I would not have to look for the guilty ... but such a run is for the sake of disappointment .... In general, the key is to start. A narrow road, mediocre asphalt, on the sides of the plain ... and in the distance, in the mist rise the old and majestic Carpathians. Turn, another turn, the village, turn again, and now they are in front of you. The heart beats in time with the engine, the gears snap off like a rifle. Here is the first stud ...

Oh, what to write about it, this is a must see ... Look!


At the top point we bought souvenirs, and moved to the descent. At some point, the thought of captivating with its novelty didn’t come to mind: But couldn’t we find a primer and arrange a photo session. We are on geese, it is unsuitable for us only to walk on asphalt. On the navigator loomed the lake, and approaching it, we saw a good dirt road that went to the right. We turned on her and stopped to pofotkat.

“Lake Vidraru fits perfectly into the natural landscape, so it seems that it has been here for centuries. It is an attraction for tourists who come to the region, because it has 900 hectares, and there is an opportunity to engage in fishing throughout the year, of course, except for the ban period for trout fishing - there are trout in the lake exceeding even 10 kilograms of weight, and this especially attracts fishermen. In the forests near many game wolves, deer, bears, wild boars and lynxes, and even black roe deer can be seen on the mountain tops. ”

The sun began to move intensively towards the sunset and as if to hint that you should not linger on the pass. We overcame the rest of the descent at dusk, and on the horizon appeared extremely unpleasant-looking clouds. Already in pitch darkness they crossed another pass and the navigator led us to the city of Ramnicu Valcea. Right on the outskirts there was a hotel with 3 stars on the facade. Having consulted, the collective mind decided that we were very tired and we wanted to stay in very comfortable conditions with a gorgeous dinner. Garmin said he showed many hotels in the area, but because the lightning bolts were already beating in front of our nose, they chose the most sonorous name ... they did not lose.
A nice girl at the reception offered us apartments. In the morning we decided to start in Budapest.

Day Four

Ramnicu Valsea - Deva - Budapest
Distance 650 km

The task for this day was to get to Budapest. And nothing seemed to foretell a change in plans.
The morning was sunny, there was no trace of yesterday's rain. The route was banal to the impossibility - to constantly move on the highway No. 7 to the border with Hungary, where the autobahn of the European level was supposed to start. To Sibiu, the path looped through the mountains, along a mountain stream. After Sibiu, the mountains parted, the road became more straight, without a height difference. I want to note that an active construction of a new highway is underway from Sibiu to the border, we were able to drive through one of its sections.
All would be fine, but at some point a mountain rose to our left, and on its top a beautiful castle stood (well, it seemed to me at that moment). On the mountain hung a banner saying: DEVA
The main attraction of the city is Deva Castle, the castle is being restored. The territory of the castle is reserve . Rare species of plants grow here, and a nose adder lives.

Turning off the track towards the castle, we drove to a large parking lot with a portal. At the top of the tourists lifts the funicular. I stopped and got ready to dismount, and Nikolay rustled further, looking for a way up the hill. I was very skeptical of this idea. the slope was almost steep.
Having strayed a little, we drove into this mountain, but it was a great difficulty for me to lift it.

By the way, on the border of Romania - Hungary, we got into change shifts, because of this elementary procedure of inspection and stamping passports, took us as much as 15 minutes. Well at least the border guards bowed and apologized.

In Budapest, for 4 hours, we rode around the city in the hope of finding at least one hotel with 4 stars, not resembling a soviet hostel. Did not work out. We stopped at Hotel Carlton Budapest. I would be 3 with foul of tourists who flooded the capital of Hungary.

Day Five

Budapest - Lake Balaton - Budapest.

Distance 250 km

Balaton was a little disappointed. They described it as an incredibly beautiful lake, like which I could hardly see ...
Beautiful, of course, but still a common mud lake. The worst thing is that it is surrounded by private buildings and it is very difficult to drive close to it for free. Everywhere we ran into private beaches, and the entrance through municipal property promised fines and communication with the police. (150 euros per moto)

In the evening we went for a walk around Budapest.

Day Six

Budapest - Uzhgorod - Lviv - Kobrin

Distance 900 km

We drove along this road many times. Very beautiful serpentines in the Carpathians. In place of which comes the road - Lviv-Kobrin, more like a proving ground for tanks. But the geese did not disappoint and overcoming all the obstacles we spent the night in Kobryn

Seventh Day

Kobrin - Moscow

Distance 1000 km

The most uninteresting part of the trip 🙂 Just a direct way home:)